Meet the East Rand MINIacs: Nqobile

So you’ve seen the cars, the convoys and our outreach programmes/events. Now we want to introduce you to the cool kids with big hearts, who make East Rand MINIacs – and the wider SA MINIacs community – tick, and what makes them tick. We do this by getting up close and personal through a quick Q&A. First up is: Nqobile, also known as “uBabes wa ma MINIacs”.

Nqobile aka “uBabes wa ma MINIacs”

Tumi “the guy”: Why (did you choose to drive) a MINI?

Nqobile: I wanted a car ena “THAT THING!”. It’s fun, it’s sexy and I’m still waiting for one of my fellow MINIacs to donate a JCW so I can experience the MEAN side of it. [Tumi: thanda kabi ama Vrrr Pha!]

Tumi: What music are you currently playing in your car?

Nqobile: I listen to all kinds of music genres. My top three songs on my playlist lately must be Kwesta’s “Spirit”, Shekinah’s “Suited”, and “ungenzela konke’okuhle” from the Joyous Celebration 20 album.

Tumi: What do you think about when you’re driving alone in your MINI?

Nqobile: hmmmmmm Can these cars get out of the way  “A MINI Is coming through “!!!!!! LOL 😂

Nqobile with the kids of Alra Park High School and other MINIacs #PadAGirlChild

Tumi: What inspires you (to give) and why the MINIacs?

Nqobile: it’s got to be those beautiful smiles and the excitement on the less fortunate kids’ faces when they see us convoy in our MINIs. It brings joy to my heart to give hope and inspire the little ones to work hard in order to buy a MINI one day.

Tumi: What social ill do you feel passionate about fixing – and could fix if made President?

Nqobile: A child should never think about what to eat at night,they should never have to sell their bodies in exchange for money to buy food. We need to fight poverty and keep our kids in school.